Life Saving Information

In One Place

Within the file the individual’s medical (including medication list), emergency contact (as well as a photo of the individual), advance directive information (DNR, Living Will, etc…) and more, are gathered to assist the responders. It is estimated that in an emergency situation up to 10 minutes of valuable time is lost while searches are made for these types of information.

We have recently began including blue First File stickers for community members to put inside their door jam so that the moment the first responders walk into their home they are able to see that this is a First File household.


What is First File

“First+File” is designed to be of assistance to individuals, caregivers, and emergency personnel in an emergency situation. Information is collected and placed in a “First+File” folder, which is then attached on the refrigerator magnetically (or placed in the general area of the refrigerator) so that when emergency responders arrive on the scene, they and those with the individual in need are not hindered in the process of saving a life (due to the time required to seek information) or perform assistance that might put the individual in greater jeopardy.

Our Goal

Our goal is a 20% saturation in each of the communities in which we enter.


Who We Are

April Hazen
Executive Director

April Hazen is the Executive Director at First File. She has Bachelors degree in corrections and a Masters degree in management from Washburn University. She has worked as a juvenile and federal parole officer, a program director for adults with developmental disabilities, a supervisor for Kansas Department for Children and Families, a Director at Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, and as a funeral director for Davidson Funeral Home. “When I came up with the idea for First File, I wanted to leave this world a better place, I wanted to leave a legacy of doing good for others”. April’s goal is to have First Files in homes in all 50 States. “I love hearing stories about how First File has been used in emergency situations to assist first responders and save lives. I know First Files can make a huge impact, and that makes me excited to see what the future holds”.

John G. White
Senior Director

John lives in Lawrence Kansas with his amazing life partner Kristy Webb. A Bachelor of Arts Degree recipient from Ottawa University, John is a lifelong Kansas resident. Having most recently worked for the State of Kansas in the Department for Aging & Disability services as a Medicare Grants Regional Manager, and prior to that as the Senior Care Act – Older Americans Act Program Manager, John has always worked to assist others to access assistance. From being a Case Manager/Assessor with the East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging (ECKAAA) for 9+ years, to being the Disability Coordinator for the Head Start program with the East Central Kansas Community Action Agency (ECKAN) John has worked with many populations in his professional journey. A proud veteran of the United States Navy from 1986-1990, John understands what service is about. John seeks to help others who serve in their community as Emergency Responders have the tools available when responding in an emergency. “If we at First File can save just 1 life as a result of the work we are doing with the Emergency Response Community and our Sponsors, then there is no amount of time or money that is too much. I truly believe that First File ‘Saves Time & Saves Lives’, what a simple and effective tool.”

Craig Divoll
National Director

Craig Divoll has been involved with Emergency Services since 2007. During this time he has developed a varied Public Safety Portfolio to include being a volunteer firefighter, EMT-I, 911 Dispatcher, and Law Enforcement Officer. Craig previously worked in the Kansas Office of Emergency Communications (KOEC) as a Public Safety Broadband Outreach Coordinator, introducing the FirstNet throughout the State and gathering information necessary for the implementation of FirstNet in Kansas.  “What excites me about First+File, is the opportunity to help with both the public and public safety aspects. Having served as a First-Responder, I have been in the position of trying to provide care with little to no information, even if family is there, they are often distraught and not able to give you accurate information. Having those files in place can help save precious seconds when they count the most!”

Michaela Divoll
National Director

Michaela brings an extensive background of 15+ years working in the field of Public Safety as a 911 Dispatch Operator, Fireman, First Responder and Water Rescue Team Member and 3+ years training and educating responders on the Statewide Communication System. In addition to this, Michaela has 20+ years working with the public and specializing in customer service. She is looking forward to bringing her passion of helping others to the First File Team!

Martie Cook
National Director

Martie Cook brings decades of pro administrative, media and marketing experience to First File. In both public and private organizations, she has grown service and financial values while maintaining an ethical standard of excellence. Martie is excited to introduce First File as an optimal addition to client marketing mix, as well as lessen the need for first responders to search for vital information in homes. In her "spare" time, Martie is a volunteer advocate for those with mental health issues, particularly immediate and appropriate treatment during crisis, and also owns a small garden business dedicated to teaching families to grow their own food. She recently left corporate life to, "...use my skills for what's really important to businesses and individuals. FirstFile fills a void in the marketing world in that it provides a life-saving service to client's customers while the client's brand is front and center in a home. There's no other product I know of that can do this as well. Several friends and family members are first responders, and they can't wait to start finding these in homes. I'm proud to represent First File in Connecticut and beyond!."

Dusty Brillhart
Regional Director

Dusty has been an Emergency Manager for 4 years and I’ve been in EMS and Fire for over 6 yrs. What I’ve learned over time is that as first responders, we usually have to help people on quite possible the worst day of their lives. In those time’s, they are not thinking about what medication their loved one’s are on or when the last time they visited a doctor. So having a First File hanging on their refrigerator with the vital information in it can be a peace of mind to not only the family, but to the first responders, as they know that valuable time will be saved and appropriate care can be given quicker. I’m certain that First File will save lives’, and that’s why I’m proud to represent First File.

Jay Wachs
Special Projects Coordinator

In January 2018, Jay Wachs joins the staff of First File as Special Projects Coordinator. Jay brings over 30 years of experience in corporate sales, marketing and management having served Fortune 500 companies such as Clear Channel Communications, CBS, Radio One and Cumulus Media among others during the course of his career. Jay also has a long history serving non-profits in fundraising and development capacities with both paid and volunteer service to The Cleveland Ballet, Great Lakes Theater Festival, Theatre Lawrence and humane societies across the country. Jay brings a passion for patient rights and health advocacy to First File and says he was drawn to the organization because "it serves a clear and present need for first responders to provide competent and efficient care during emergencies." Jay will be focusing on obtaining sponsorship from large, national corporate accounts for both the in home and in car products of First File.

Alex Onchangu
National Director

Alex is a National Director, he brings us a 16 plus years of Servant leadership from business where he has served in various executive/leadership roles at Home Depot, True Value and Office Depot/Office Max. Business Administration from St Thomas University and Masters in Six Sigma from Villanova University. Alex has a passion and love for making a difference(Leaving the world a better place than he found it) through servant leadership, abundance mentality and candor. " First file truly makes a difference, saves lives and makes this world a better place"

David Schroeder
Regional Director

In January 2018, David Schroeder joins the staff of First File as a Regional Director. David brings over 30 years of experience in corporate sales, marketing and management having served Fortune 500 companies such as Office Depot/Max, Guardian Life Insurance Co., Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Co. Sunpower Solar Systems among others during the course of his career. David also has a long history serving non-profits in construction and training capacities with both local and international volunteer service, including disaster relief efforts such as those caused by the Katrina Hurricane in the gulf states. David brings a passion to First File for preventative solutions and the marketing of such through community awareness. David will be focusing on obtaining sponsorship from small, medium and large businesses and organizations for both the ‘in home’ and ‘in car’ products of First File.

What We Can Offer

Save Lives

Up to 10 minutes of valuable time is lost during an emergency situation looking for medical information. First+File puts all medical information in one place in a convenient location.


First+File is placed on the refrigerator. On average a person goes to their refrigerator 3+ times a day. Place your logo on the folder and let your business be seen.


Reach your community by placing important information in your First+File folder.

Community Involvement

Community involvement contributes to key business goals, improves reputation and attraction and retention of employees.


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